The quality of Vinyl floorcovering has improved massively in the last five years and is now gives genuine options when considering a new look for any room in the home and not just the Kitchen or Bathroom.

Manufacturers now spend more than they ever did on research and development to create Vinyl ranges which feature distinctive contemporary designs with sophisticated colours, as well as those with rustic elegance through the use of wood & tile designs.

So sophisticated is the manufacturing process that, with so many stunning designs it’s a great alternative to more expensive floors such as hardwood or tiles.

Modern vinyl is so strong and hardwearing it is suitable for areas of heavy traffic, so it’s a really good choice for busy homes. Vinyl is easy to clean and unaffected by surface water unlike some natural products such as Wood or Laminate Flooring.

At Simply Carpets and Beds in Horsforth we stock a full range of vinyl floor coverings and they all come with guarantees from to 20 years.
Benefits of Vinyl Flooring:

  • COST – Low cost when compared to natural alternatives
  • DURABILITY – Vinyl is extremely hardwearing with added scratch, dent & chip resistance
  • INSULATION – Much warmer than ceramic / stone tiles
  • MOISTURE RESISTANCE – Unaffected by surface water
  • MAINTENANCE – Simply sweep or mop with regular floor cleaners
  • SLIP RESISTANCE – Added slip resistance up to R10 rating.