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Carpet is still the number one choice for flooring covering for the domestic market in the UK. It is ever increasing in the choice of colour, fibres and style available.

At Simply Carpets and Beds in Horsforth, Leeds we have many of the leading manufacturers on display. We offer a vast range of quality carpets and with our experience in this industry feel we give impartial advice on what product best suits your needs, covering such things as durability and price.

A new carpet is an investment and should give the buyer many years of pleasure. Pure wool or wool mix carpets will generally outlast and outperform cheaper manmade fibre carpets.

Benefits of carpet include:

  • CHOICE – 1000s of colours, designs and textures
  • LUXURY – soft, comfortable and cosy
  • INSULATION – without carpet 15% of all household heat disappears through the floor
  • SAFETY – carpet loves feet, it is non slip , soft and forgiving making it child friendly
  • DURABILITY – carpet is hard wearing and practical, especially taking into the account the amount of wear it takes in daily use
  • HEALTH AND HYGIENE – scientific evidence shows carpet is the healthy option, even for those with asthma and allergies. By acting as a sponge, carpet traps airborne dust, until you vacuum it away.
  • SOUND – carpet absorbs sound and is quiet underfoot
  • VALUE FOR MONEY – in comparison to other fashion accessories and consumer durables

Our shop in Horsforth has a wide range of great quality carpets featuring all the top brands, such as Westex, Brintons, Cormar, Hugh Mckay, Axminster and Georgian. Also we stock Cloud 9 underlay.

Also at Simply Carpets and Beds we also carry a stock of remnant carpet pieces to suit any size and any room.